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Architecture and Architectural Details Gallery. Get my free butterfly photos to use as your wallpaper and lock screen here FREE BUTTERFLY WALLPAPER!
Train Station, Fredericksburg, Virginia IOld City Jerusalem, Eastern Gate, Israel IArches, Train Station, Fredericksburg, Virginia INotre Dame Paris, France VISpiral Staircase IGate IIOld City Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Israel IIOld City Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Israel VICivil War Battlefield IISpiral Staircase IIGate IIISainte-Chapelle, Paris, France ILouvre, Paris, France INashville INotre Dame Paris, France IVState Fair IColonial Kitchen ISainte-Chapelle, Paris, France IXChurch of Saint Catherine, Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories IINotre Dame Paris, France V